Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tonic Tee in Cotton/Lycra Knit

Here is my second Tonic Tee by SBCC Patterns! I love this peachy Art Gallery cotton/lycra solid.  It's been sitting in my stash for about a year so I was glad to finally cut this t-shirt out.  I cut out a straight size small with a little length added to the bottom hem and some length taken off the sleeves.

I wanted to make a faux button placket by the shoulder.  I'm not sure that's even what you call it...but this was my inspiration photo:

from loft.com
It took some math and some drafting (I took a look at my drafting book) but eventually I got it to look like this:

The placket replaces the shoulder seam, just for the left side of the shirt.  I used some buttons from Hobby Lobby and I decided to topstitch with white thread instead of trying to match this specific color of peach.  I added a larger seam allowance to the neckline so I could fold it over and stitch it.  I used some fusible tape to keep it in place while I coverstitched it.  Hopefully the neckline washes up nicely!

My only complaint with the fit is that the armscye is to high and is cutting me under the arm.  And now that I can see it in the photos, it's really bugging me!  I did not have this problem when I made my first Tonic Tee.  Maybe I did a slightly smaller seam allowance? I can't remember...or maybe the DBP just behaved a lot differently than this cotton/lycra.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it? I'm wondering if I just need to size up in the sleeves.  This would make the armscye lower so it would not be digging under my arms.

Kind of a shame this happened with such a nice top! Do you think I could cut out bigger sleeves, lower the armscye and salvage this one?

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