Monday, March 7, 2016

Lane Raglan in Brushed Poly by Hey June Patterns

Just before I was about to cut out my second Lane Raglan by Hey June Patterns, I heard rumors that there was an update coming out.  I waited a week and was able to cut out the new and improved version!  Adrianna has done it again!  I love the new contoured shoulder and bust areas.

I used some fabric I bought of one of the Facebook destash pages.  This paisley is a soft single brushed poly spandex.  The black is a bamboo spandex from my stash.  I cut out a small, but it was too big.  This is probably because rayon blends tend to have a lot of stretch and drape.  I cut the blouse apart at the seamlines and cut it out again, this time as an x-small.  I made a few changes - narrowed in the neckline a bit at the sides, because rayon grows.  I took a 1/2 inch length from the bodice and 1 inch from the sleeves.  I hemmed the sleeves and bodice with my coverstitch machine.

This time I made the curved hemline.  The rayon is not the most forgiving fabric on the body, but it's super super comfortable!  I could wear this blouse to bed it's so soft!

Ugh!  I need to go jeans shopping.  These are clearly too big...just haven't gotten around to it.  I really didn't expect to lose so much weight from getting off sugar.

If you haven't tried this pattern, it is the bombdiggity and it is super easy!  Order yours here (aff link).

The Little Zinnia

Let me tell you a story about the teal linen that grew up and became a Zinnia: this linen was born in LA and had hopes of being made into something beautiful.  One August day, I walked into the linen shop and forked over 20 bucks, and the linen was mine. The linen got scrunched in the trunk of my old Buick with all my other fabric and camping crap and rode all the way to its new home in South Carolina.  There it sat patiently, waiting for the day that my sharp Ginghers would cut it into a flowy dirndl.

Well, illness came and went and then I got a job and worked full-time and didn't feel like sewing much.  Until one autumn day, I pulled the linen out of my stash and decided this would be the month that I made a Zinnia.  I cut and sewed and pressed until the the linen started to take shape.  I held it up to my waist to check the fit, and what do you know, the skirt was too small!  I was shocked!  I had measured twice, so how come it was too small? But a few days later, I found out there was a little fishy growing inside me, so the linen got tossed in the UFO pile.

Eighteen months passed and I brought out the skirt again, but this time it fit!  I cut and sewed and pressed a little more and garnished the linen with a button until it became a beautiful Zinnia.  

---and I'm soooo glad that I finally get to wear it!

I wear summer stuff year round in sub-tropical Charleston, so even though it's technically winter here, I'm sure my Zinnia will fit right in.  I searched and searched for the perfect pattern to pair with this chambray-esque linen.  I love Zinnia's perfectly proportioned pleats.

I cut out an 8 waistband then freaked out when I held it up to my waist and it didn't fit around me.  So, I cut out a 12 throughout, which ended up being huge and I had to take it in at the sides and the back.  (I found out later that a lot of reviewers said that the waistband was about 2 inches to small, so now this makes sense.)

This pattern was really easy to whip out.  This pattern in a linen is TO - DIE - FOR!  Love it!  Linen is such a joy to sew with.  It gives you such crisp seams and I love the texture and the old world look to it.

I see more Zinnias in my future!