Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tutorial ~ DIY Cell Phone Pocket: Part 2

Last month, I shared a tutorial on how to draft your very own cell phone pocket from a basic leggings pattern.  As promised, I will now show you how to assemble all of the pieces you cut out.

First, we will add the bound edge to your pocket.  Take the curved part of the over pocket piece and match it up with your pocket band piece, right sides together.  In the picture below the edges of the fabric line up (where my index finger is), but in reality it works better if the binding hangs over about 1/2".

Are you confused yet?  I drew over the first picture so you can see how the top fabric will extend past the solid blue fabric.  Sorry about that!  Sew a seam 3/8" from the edge using a stretch stitch.  

Now, flip your binding fabric over so that the right side of the seam is showing.  Press the seam open.  Fold the binding fabric to the wrong side and pin/clip in place.  Ensure that the binding is 1/2" wide across the entire pocket.

  Topstitch or coverstitch the binding in place.  Here I have used a wide coverstitch and the wrong side of the stitch is showing.  It provides a fun, decorative accent!

Line up your over pocket with your under pocket piece and baste them together at the bound edge. That area tends to slip around while being sewn (due to all of the bulk) and we want it to stay nice in place!

Now, stitch the Back Upper Leg Piece to the left pocket side, right sides together.  All of the seams from here on out will be at 1/2".  (As I stated in the first part of the tutorial, I recommend a 1/2" seam allowance so that you have plenty of room to coverstitch/topstitch.)  You will do the same with the Front Upper Leg Piece, sewing it to the right pocket side.  When you are done, press the seams to one side.  The seams are pressed AWAY from the pocket in this example.

When you are done, don't forget to topstitch!  

Now it is time to assemble the last piece.  Place the assembled upper leg piece and the lower leg piece, right sides together at the curve.  When you stitch on the curve, go SLOWLY.  It will ensure that the curve is smooth, without any puckers.

Press your seam to one side (down) and topstitch.  I decided to use the right side of my coverstitch for this seam, so I have a double row of stitching.

I hope you've found this tutorial helpful! If you decide to make your own cell phone pocket, provide your blog link below, I would love to see it!

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