Thursday, November 24, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, I thought it was time to post about Halloween, lol!  Our church usually puts on a Trunk or Treat in the parking lot but they didn't plan one this year.  I wasn't planning to 'costume' on Halloween because #1 We had nowhere to go #2 We were going on vacation on November 1st and #3 I have been dealing with serious fatigue for months which makes me not want to make a costume for reason #1 and #2.  A week before Halloween, a bunch of the parents at church decided to put on a Trunk or Treat, and it was nice and impromptu and simple.  So....we needed costumes, STAT! I decided to recycle mine and Scott's Doctor Who costumes from 3 years ago, which basically is dressing up in Sunday clothes.  Easy! (That get up and go feeling that makes you want to do stuff is underrated. Seriously!)  

Serenity went as the Supreme Dalek.  (Don't know what a Dalek is? Think racist robot who will kill anything that is not a Dalek on site.)  I based her dress off of a pattern that I tested for in September. It has still not released, so I'm not allowed to mention it or pics of the actual pattern, but this dress is different enough from the original no one should mind.

All of the squares and dots are fused to the red fabric and the skirt is pleated.  The red is a cotton/lycra from Purpleseamstress.  She has wicked fast shipping, guys!  I love this little dress.  I really only tacked the dots down in a couple of places so I should rip them off and make this into some sort of Christmas dress.

I love my little family!  It really is wonderful to have a little person to sew for!

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