Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Peg Legs ~ Patterns for Pirates

Let me start off by saying I was extremely skeptical of this pattern.  I thought maybe all the hype was just a fluke or a trend of sorts.  But the evidence is clear: this the best looking pair of handmade leggings ever to to be had on my legs!  The pattern is Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates.  I decided it was high time I had some more workout clothing and this is, hopefully, my first pair of many.

Sorry - no hubs available for pics today.

I participate in a 'mom group' of sorts, called Hike it Baby.  The purpose of Hike it Baby is to get families outside, enjoying nature in hikes and urban strolls.  (P.S. - this group is nationwide.  You should totally check it out!)  It saved my sanity this summer!  I require more adult interact than a lot of moms and am happiest when I get out of the house daily.  I love getting out in nature but I detest the summer heat in Charleston, so HiB was my motivator to get out and brave the heat.

Wearing a workout outfit more than once before laundry day is a total no-go, so I'm grateful for these new capris in Brushed Poly from Zenith and Quasar (which I purchased on the swap page).  I normally hate poly/spandex, but this has wicking properties and is soft and comfortable.

I lengthened the top of the front rise by 3/4" and shortened the capris by about 1 1/2".  I pulled my shirt up so you can see just where it falls on me.  I sewed everything at a 1/4" seam allowance.  I'm super pleased with where the waistband falls and it's the perfect size and I AM IN LOVE, guys!!  Join their Facebook page and you will find the amazing promotion going on with these Peg Legs that I can't talk about here.  

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