Monday, April 11, 2016

Envelope Tee with Peplum

I made this top for my 9 month old last month.  She is SUCH a wiggles!  It is very hard to snap a photo of her sitting still.  The pattern I used was a free one, Small Dreamfactory 'Envelope neck long sleeve' pattern.

I took the pattern, hacked off the long sleeves and added a peplum.  The fabric I used was a remnant from an AG knit I used to make a nursing shirt with last summer.  I had the hardest time finding navy rib knit, so I took a tip from a lady online and bought a large thrift store shirt and cut it up.  I got the best of both worlds - being able to shop in person for my fabric and having a wide range of fabric (or t-shirts) to choose from.

For the peplum, I took the width of the shirt and nearly doubled it.  I serged with thin clear elastic in the seam that connected the peplum to the shirt.  This is a must!

I love the way it turned out, but I am noticing that she is already outgrowing the shirt in the tummy.  I might consider using rib knit for the body of the garment next time because it allows for more belly room.  My little girl seems to be taking a page out of my book as her narrow shoulders are the last thing to outgrow her shirts.  Maybe that will husband's family is known for their broad shoulders.

This little lady is getting to be so much fun! She loves to gab, chews on everything, crawls like a mad woman, and is a pro at taking toys from the dog.  Today she almost took a dive when she stood up in her high chair and tried to reach for the kitchen island. (Now we know the chair buckle is a necessity!)

I have a slight Art Gallery knit addiction. Their knits are soft and scrumptious!