Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More Nursing Apparel

I've added another nursing top to my wardrobe.  I've got making t-shirts down to a science!  I decided to make two things at the same time so I wouldn't have to switch from coverstitch to 4 thread overlock so many times (because who has time for that!).  I made the neckband a little skinnier than my first nursing shirt. It looks better with these Riley Blake polka dot prints which can be found here and here.  I also added a coverstitch to the neckbands.

Doesn't it just give it that extra finished touch? I quite like it!  I'm hoping it will keep the neckband from rippling. The neckband is some white bamboo rayon leftover from this project.

This is the nursing nightgown, or 'nightie' as I grew up calling it. I love how soft and comfortable this is to wear. I made the skirt slightly flared and long enough to touch my knees. It is just perfect!

I wanted to model these for you but I couldn't find the remote control to my camera.  Drat!!!  These garments really look so much better on - the elastic pulls the sleeves and makes it look weird on the hanger.  I couldn't wait around for a new remote control...these must be worn, STAT!

I'm almost 5 months postpartum, and my waist is only 1/2 dress size bigger than it used to be.  Having a c-section and then gallbladder surgery in September slowed me down a bit but YAY for being able to work out again!  I feel great and I feel that I look great as well!  These nursing tops are looking a bit boxy on me now that I don't need extra room in the torso.  I may take them in at the waist and leave the seam allowances so I can let them out again.

Speaking of knit t-shirts...I read this blog post about how to insert a v-neck neckband.  I've always been a bit scared to try v-necks.  Jen from Grainline Studios showed that that compared to a round neck it isn't difficult at all, it just requires like 2 extra steps.  So the next time I made a t-shirt, I'm going to give the v-neck a try!