Monday, August 31, 2015


I made these Maxaloones last night because I am cheating on my other sewing project.  You know, the one you leave out and intend to get to the moment you are free, but then you just don't get to it or don't feel up to whipping up, and then it just sits there until it becomes this monster, this HUGE unfinished project!

But these maxaloones looked like some whimsical sewing fun, something I could make in a couple of hours.  Except it takes longer than that because I must squeeze the pattern pieces onto the fabric in the most efficient way possible! (Even though after I realize it's stupid because I'm using remnants anyway.)  But seriously, these took hardly any fabric at all!

I purchased the Maxaloones pattern, by Max and Meena, on Etsy.  First, I made 'squishiloones', which fits newborn to around 3-6 months.

They are perfect for cloth diapered bums!  We find it difficult to squeeze store bought leggings over this fluff butt so I'm glad to have a pattern that addresses this issue.

I like that I can fold them down to keep baby Jane's feet warm.  

She is nearing 3 months old but has been in 3 month clothes for a while.  I don't think this size will fit her much longer but these maxaloones are very cute!

I used Riley Blake jersey dots print in pink and gray and some white jersey from my stash (from my fabric haul in the LA fabric district).

Then, I made 'miniloones', which fit 3-12 months.

These pictures aren't the greatest...rainy day+wiggly baby= pictures that are just okay

I used a navy Art Gallery knit and a very stretchy knit from Joann's, April Johnston's Greenwhich Dot rayon/spandex.  I bought it a few years ago with the hopes of making a surplice top but it ended in disaster so it got thrown in the scrap pile.

It's so nice to see it in a finished project!  I love those dots!  

These maxaloones were so fun to whip up!  Have you tried this pattern yet?  I'd love to see your makes.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nursing Pads

I have been wanting to sew something all week and today I got my chance!

I made something for me, (I know, I am always sewing for's the best!) four of these reusable nursing pads.  They have one layer of zorb II with a PUL backing, serged together at the edges.  The dart makes them lay much flatter against my skin.

Just for the record, serging around the edge of a small circle is anything but easy!  

Nursing pads are a must for this momma with oversupply.  Sorry, these pictures didn't turn out great...but I'm tired, so they will have to do.