Thursday, July 30, 2015

Self-Drafted Nursing Shirt

I am finally back to sewing after recovering from a C-section!  I have wanted to sew something for weeks.  With my mom's help, I did manage to make a pair of yoga pants to get me through the weeks following childbirth when nothing fits. We love Baby Jane and she is such a good little sleeper,  I can fit some sewing in here and there!  I am 7 weeks postpartum and adjusting to a new body with some tummy squish but without small bust adjustments.  

I loved the fit of Simplicity 1469 so much, I used it as a starting point for this nursing shirt.  I used the under bodice, the back and the sleeve pieces to form my pattern into a wearable shirt.  The biggest change I made was the undershirt piece with elastic I can pull down for nursing access.  Baby Jane is such a messy eater I found myself still getting soaked every time I fed her in my nursing dress.  I wanted to be able to pull the fabric completely down, out of the way.  I much prefer this to the nursing holes in Simplicity 1469.

This is another Art Gallery print, 'Paparounes in Crimson', and I am totally obsessed with it!  I decided it was a little loud, so I paired it with an Art Gallery knit solid.  I think it balances the print out nicely, especially the contrasting neckband.  After seeing the way my nursing dress has stood up to laundering, I don't want to buy any other knit fabric for my projects.

I would love to say there will be many more of these shirts, but my meticulous nature really slows me down.  I sewed this shirt start to finish (including threading the coverstitch and serger) in 4.5 hours.  This time, I wrote down the instructions in order so I don't have to do the guesswork again.  I would love to make a nightgown in this pattern.  I've given up wearing nightgowns when company is over because mine are impossible to nurse in.  (And thankfully, we've had a lot of company and help over the last couple of months.)

Oh, and I'd like to note that I made this shirt completely on my serger/coverstitch machine!


  1. Congratulations on the baby's arrival! I've been checking your blog frequently for any announcements. Your shirt looks great and so do you. My baby girl is almost 31 years old now (and expecting her 3rd daughter who's middle name is going to be "Jane".) I remember her early days and sitting at my sewing machine to make myself a pretty nursing blouse that I wore for her baptism when she was 3 weeks old. Like you I couldn't find anything suitable for nicer occasions, so I made my own. And yes, used a busy print to disguise the "wetness",

    I love your blog and also sewed for a petite shape back in the day. (Hope to get the shape, or something close to it, back again someday)!

    1. Thank you, Speattle! I didn't even think to make the shirt in a busy print, I just really like florals. I'll have to make the next one in a print, too!

  2. Congratulations on baby Jane! She's a little darling:) Very nice top. I like the contrast of the print in front and solid in back. I recently stopped nursing my son, but will tuck this idea away for the next one that comes along;)


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