Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Made

 We got a dog last week!  Her name is Dede and she is a 14 month old English Bulldog.  She is house trained, good with people and dogs, and just about the chillest dog I've ever met.  We got Dede from an awesome breeder in Charlotte when she didn't quite work out as a show dog.  We were hoping to get her fixed before she went into heat......but I found blood spots on the carpet last night.  I have no experience with dogs in heat.  I learned that she could be spotting for up to 2 weeks.  I couldn't find a diaper cover in her size at the pet store, so I made one.

She makes for a wiggly model.

I used this free pattern and modified it for Dede's 25" waist.  I don't have big squares of velcro in my stash so I secure it with some safety pins.  She has a tiny little corkscrew-shaped tail, and therefore, doesn't need a tail hole.  Dede couldn't care less that she is wearing a diaper.  

I added some elastic around the butt area.  Next time I'll make the elastic tighter and continue it around the front of her legs.  There is an extra long maxi pad inside to catch drips.

This is Dede's favorite spot.  She will sit here for hours if you touch her.  She likes nothing more than to be loved on.  My super sensitive pregnant nose + the smell of Dede's 'that time of the month' = angry, annoyed, cranky Stephanie.  I have been mad at her all day.  But now that it's all covered up, how can I not love that face? 

She's perfect!

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