Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here's The Scoop...

Hey guys, it's been a while!  I took a nice long break from blogging and here's the scoop:  I am pregnant!

13 weeks - Thanksgiving 2014 Bahama Cruise
This is funny because during my Lane Raglan photoshoot I remember being confused as to why my belly was pooching out and it was strange that I had suddenly put on a few pounds.  The white bamboo cotton clung to my tummy and just accented what I wanted to hide, so I sucked in my gut as much as I could and hoped it would disappear.  I was just barely pregnant in those photos, and soon I started putting on a bit of weight everywhere.

We've wanted children almost as long as we've been married but it just didn't happen for us like it did for many of our friends.  That was really tough.  The pain of infertility, the sting of wondering if you will ever be parents is a feeling you just cannot comprehend unless you've experienced it yourself.  During that first year, I visited my doctor in Colorado after being convinced that my progesterone was low.  She ran some tests and insisted I was fine.  I did not feel fine.  I had symptoms I could not explain, like sensitivity to cold and hot flashes that left people wondering if I was menopausal.  

When we moved to South Carolina, we visited a fertility specialist.  There was more testing and not a lot of answers.  They couldn't definitively tell us what was wrong, but said that IVF might give us the best chance at a family.  I wasn't ready to put myself through that.  There were some more tests that had to be run before we made any decisions and I drug myself the lab in early January 2014 to get it over with.  A few days later they told me my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was high, and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I started taking Synthroid and noticed a difference in just five days.  I had more energy in the weeks following than I had had in years, my cycles were much less painful, and the depression that had hung over me finally disappeared.

I have a love hate relationship with medications.  This one has changed my life for the better and is most likely the reason I am able to be pregnant now.  I am so grateful that this trial, for us, has ended!

I still think pregnant women are smug - see this video here.  FYI: this song is hilarious but a little vulgar.  Us pregnant gals are sometimes in our own little world and sometimes we think we are just so awesomely important.  If you've ever thought that we are annoying, you will enjoy the video.

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WARNING - this section contains pregnancy symptoms - skip below for more sewing related rambling.

The first trimester was a little rough.  I was just so darn TIRED all of the time, it was all I could do to show up to work and shove food in my mouth during the day, despite the nausea and food aversions.   My poor husband tried to make me food I would eat but I was a really picky eater.  I couldn't concentrate long enough to do anything sewing related.  I think I made like one yoga band skirt - that was IT - for 3 months.  Totally unlike me!  (Still unblogged.)

The second trimester has been much better.  Those pesky first trimester symptoms have disappeared and now I'm just normal pregnant tired by midday and conk out on the couch at home, or I'm at work, forego the nap, and sleep really well at night.  Also, my TMJ symptoms disappeared and I no longer have to eat soft foods to avoid headaches.  The one exception to loving this stage of pregnancy has been that my gallbladder up and quit on me.  How rude!!  I didn't know just how important the gallbladder is for digesting fats until mine suddenly stopped working and said, 'See-ya!' (Apparently this is a common pregnancy problem.)

So now, my diet is completely saturated fat free (well, almost) and I'm able to live sans-gallbladder pain.  Adjusting my diet was hard at first, but I'm pretty used to it now and just so happy not to have horrible gallbladder pain, bloating, gas and other gross symptoms that you most certainly would rather me leave out of this post.  When I look back, I realize that I'm a lot more healthy since the switch...I eat more fruits and veggies and basically can't eat fast food.  I'm not worried anymore that I'm packing on pounds that won't come off easily postpartum.

I'm have more energy and motivation lately and want to work on projects that have been sitting for months.  I know the clock is ticking and it will be just another 2 months or so before I'm as big as an elephant and am unmotivated for that reason.

Here's me this week, at 18 weeks pregnant.  This picture makes me look bigger than normal because the fabric doesn't cling to my back.  Let's be honest though...I'm a shorty and there's no place for this kid to grow but out.

So, as far as my sewing life goes...

1. I bought the beautiful Huskylock s21 serger (made by Viking) in December.  My basic Janome serger has been in the shop most of the year and I'm sick of it!  They can't figure out why it's not cutting right and keep insisting it's just a dull knife, then keep my machine for 2 months while they wait on parts.  I've gone thru this several times and I decided to cast it away like a bad boyfriend.  I will say, most people love their Janomes - don't let me deter you -but this one just hasn't been the same since our move.  
The Huskylock will allow me to do more awesome stuff like a coverstitch.  I decided if I was going to bite a bullet and buy an expensive machine, it had better have a coverstitch.  Also, this big guy creates just the most beautiful stitching.  I'm still waiting for my serger to ship.  Maybe I shoulda just taken the floor model, oops.  I'm looking forward to learning how to use it.

2.  My sewing room is a disaster!  There has been some talk lately in the crafty-blogging world about how we don't show people how our rooms actually look.  Instead we paint the picture of the perfectly organized room and fool everyone into thinking we are Martha Stewarts 24-7.  This room was not in great shape before my pregnancy but it got so much worse in the last few months.  Right before we got on a plane on Christmas day, my ironing board fell over and I just left it there.  Here's the before picture...don't judge!

My husband helped me organize this mess and change the layout over the weekend.  Soon I will have some much improved after pictures to post here.  When a room gets to this level of messiness I go bonkers trying to organize it.  Seriously, it turns into a case of adult ADD and I don't get anything accomplished.

3.  I have handful of pregnancy patterns I want to try out - it's just a matter of finding time and motivation to follow through.

4.  Once we find out the gender, I will begin sewing sewing for this kiddo.  I've thought about making stuff before the gender ultrasound, but I want to actually use the stuff I make, not just give it away.  I want to make a little blanket, burp cloths, some clothes and softies and some little shoes.  

I've been much more interested in house projects lately than sewing, so maybe I'll talk about those, too.  I love painting walls and furniture.  It is so relaxing!  I know I won't have any time for that in a few months so we are trying to get projects done now.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on the bump! How exciting for you. Was thinking about you recently since you have been MIA. BTW- love your sewing room. Mine looks similar most of the time. I tend to just toss things in there when I don't have time to deal with them. Out of site out of mind.

    1. Thank you! Your website is looking better than ever. I don't know if I told you, but I taught a maxi skirt class in town using your pattern. We loved your pattern!

  2. I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been following your blog for a while and have you bookmarked.

    Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you turn out for the very petite person who will be joining you soon.


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