Sunday, June 1, 2014

Push past the fear of making a mistake! ---with Butterick 5315

As I work on sewing my red shirtdress,  I am reminded of this quote:

'Know why? My fear of making mistakes is the main reason why I put of finishing projects.  I avoid trying new things especially when I'm unsure of how to solve a problem or am scared to try a new technique due to fear I will 'RUIN the fabric'. I may even occasionally obsess about what others (that's you included) will thing of my fabric choice, style and construction methods. Wouldn't it be shocking if I wore something that was not up to my standards of perfect?  Because honestly, sometimes they can be pretty unattainable!

I thought it was the worst feeling in the world to totally botch a project that will forever be known as a failure.  But I realized this week there is something worse than that.  The worst thing I can do is visualize myself making a mistake and thinking my project will fail, and then stalling for months and thereby not possibly making mistakes that I could have already learned from by now.

I may also be guilty of leaving UFOs in plain sight to punish myself and remind myself that I must finish them.  I am learning to let go, put them away, and work on them one at a time.

I decided I would use my red shirtdress as an opportunity to practice the following:

 1. Practice positive visualizations.
2. Have reasonable expectations.
3. Realize that making mistakes is part of learning 
and it can be a positive thing.
4. Resist the urge to relive past failures.

You know what?

It's working!

I've pushed through my fears and despite my day job, I found a lot of time to work on my shirtdress.  I have a lot to show for it already:

I couldn't find my buttonhole foot but it didn't stop me from making buttonholes using my walking foot:

I used piping in a garment for the first time EVER:

I moved the bust dart to the shoulders and turned it into a couple of pleats. My drafting job wasn't perfect but I decided to just go with it. OVER-ANALYZING LITTLE DETAILS is something I'm just not willing to let get in my way. I'm amazed what I can accomplish with positive thinking!

The dress is mostly constructed with just the hem and the sleeves to finish!  Boo ya!

Do you ever have to turn off perfectionist thoughts?  How does your thinking help you succeed?


  1. That's a big obstacle I face too . . . all. the. time. Pretty much every project has one phase that makes me want to set it aside for awhile.
    Great job making progress.
    Sometimes, remembering that "perfect" = complete helps me.
    Basting has also helped me a lot. It's the best I can do and then it allows for easier adjusting.

    1. Yes, I love that meaning of 'perfect' in the Bible!

  2. Your shirtdress is really cute! The best way to learn is by mistakes. If you don't try, then you will never even know what you are capable of doing. But I am pretty sure you are more than capable :)


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