Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ella Moss T-shirt

I made this cheerful t-shirt using an Ella Moss striped knit, purchased from Harts Fabrics last summer.  

It's a poly/cotton/spandex blend but they couldn't tell me the percent stretch. I am surprised how many people (like fabric retailers) don't know how to find the percent stretch of a knit fabric. After the fabric type and fiber content, this is the next thing that lets me know whether or not a fabric will work for a certain project. When the fabric showed up on my doorstep, it was much thinner and less stretchy than I was hoping for.  It is such a pretty color, but it took me a while to figure out which pattern I wanted to use.

I settled on the same Craftsy knit t-shirt pattern that I used last summer.  This is a great little pattern!  I added a little pocket (self-drafted) and was so glad Dolly was available to model while I pinned it on.

(I basted the outer edge, then pinned and sewed it into place.)

I stressed (more than I should) about how long my neckband should be.  The less stretchy a fabric is, the longer the neckband should be, but it should still be shorter than the neckline circumference.  Some people say a good rule of thumb is 75% of neckline circumference + 1/2"+ seam allowances.  I don't like this because it doesn't take your % stretch into consideration.  The fabric cut on the bias was about 35% stretch, so I decided the neckband should be: neckline circumference x 85% + seam allowances.  It worked like a charm!

I hate layering t-shirts and am glad I have another cute shirt I can just throw on and leave the house with.

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  1. I like! I need to learn to make my own as I can never find ones at store that fit well


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