Saturday, February 8, 2014

SB 302 Striped Maxi Skirt

So, I finally busted out some of the fabric I bought last summer in the Los Angeles fabric district.  It was really hard to cut into this stretchy jersey knit.  It was only $2 per yard.  I thought that would make it easier if I made a mistake, that I was only out a few dollars.  It was actually harder because I knew if I messed up I had to buy a knit online at $12 or $14 per yard.  Yikes!

I loved Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic's Maxi Skirt Pattern the first time around, so I knew I could make quick work of it a second time.  This striped knit was stretchier than my first go around, which meant it was an even better choice for this pattern.  The one change I made was taking 1 1/2" off the edge of the skirt.  I find myself tripping over the first skirt I made, especially with bare feet.  I used design plus to fuse the hem together and then stitched it together with a twin needle on the machine. A design plus tute is here.

This project took about 3 1/2 hours to complete.  Stripes take time to match up, especially in the cutting stage.  My hard work paid off.  Most of the striped match up exactly!

My favorite part of this pattern is the way it flares from the knees to the floor.  So flattering!

Oh, and I got a new haircut!  I got rid of over 8 inches of length and have no regrets.  I am still trying to learn how to style it.  So fun!  

I hope you will notice an improvement in the photography on my blog.  I recently bought myself a new Canon EOS Rebel SL1.  It is the smallest DSLR yet, making it the perfect fit for my petite hands.  


  1. Lovely skirt - what a perfect fit. I have got to try some of their patterns! I also desperately need a good camera (relying on iPhone) - good to know your the recommendation on the canon.

    1. I absolutely love my Canon! If you decide to get a Canon someday, all Canon lenses are interchangeable. Getting your lenses refurbished from the Canon website will save you 40-50%. Most of these 'refurbished' lenses are new lenses that were returned by the customer, and are required to be sold as 'refurbished'. So you are basically getting the same quality and paying less.


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