Monday, September 2, 2013

Swimsuit -Kwik Sew 3153

Last February I made up Kwik Sew 3153 in a bold, red, white and blue floral.  Since recovering from shoulder and knee injuries, my body is more muscular and I no longer fit into my old swimsuit.  When I put it on, it was if I was *squeezing* my thighs through the leg holes and the fabric under the arms was strained every time I moved my shoulders.

KS3153 February 2012
I think the wonderful thing about sewing a pattern a second time is that you can easily make changes to it.  It is so much easier to tweak a pattern than to start over completely!  I added fabric to the side seams under the armpits and 3/4" elastic to each of the leg holes.

At first I cut my new suit with larger leg holes, adding width at the side seams.  This did not work at all!  When I put on my suit the larger leg holes didn't stay put on my butt and rode up towards the center, giving me.........a wedgie.  So if you are pained with a wedgie on your suit, it may be that you need to take in the side seams.  After I did this, my suit looked and felt great!  I found that simply adding more elastic to the leg holes gave me enough room to be comfortable.

I chose a pink, blue and brown paisley print from Denver Fabrics.  I repositioned the straps in the back so that they will never slide.

The sewing blogs have been alive with bombshell-style swimsuits this summer.  I was tempted to try this style, but it would have required extensive bust alterations.  I am so small busted it probably would have looked awful no matter what I did.  And if I managed to keep the girls in while wearing it, I still would probably feel really exposed.  So, I stuck with a TNT pattern that has no frills.  It fits and I am pleased.

Have you ever tried a different style and realized it just wasn't for you?  Or realized it looked fabulous?  I feel confident when I wear clothing that flatters my shape and fits great!  I would love to read your comments below.