Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portable DVD Player Tote

I purchased a Portable DVD Player last week via Craigslist. My husband and I are moving cross country soon and wanted some road entertainment. My player didn't come with a soft cover, so I decided to make one. In my search for a good design I came across this fantastic tutorial via Make it and Love It. 

I whipped this up in couple of hours. It's so nice when I have an idea for a project and I have everything I need. I found the upholstery fabric in my stash.  I used some fleece from a sweatshirt to act as the padding between the upholstery layers.  The serger made quick work of finishing some of the edges. It's SO NICE  to make a quick and easy project after working on a long and tedious one. 

The velcro flap secures the DVD player in place.  The front pocket has its own flap to secure the car and wall chargers.

Note: I have learned my lesson never to buy sticky-backed velcro.  It will gum up your needle and eventually the thread won't be able to loop to form stitches.


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