Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Very YouTube Workout

Last summer, while I was still trying to recoup from shoulder and knee injuries, I discovered workout videos on YouTube.  I have a Smart TV, which allows me to watch Netflix, listen to Pandora, and watch YouTube Videos.  Some of you may have a Roku box, which does essentially the same thing and attaches to the TV.  I make a playlist of workout videos on my YouTube page (you have to create an account and be signed in to do this).  When I'm ready for my workout, I just turn on the TV and select which one I want to complete.

My very favorite workouts come from Class FitSugar.  While I was still building up strength, I didn't have the stamina for a long workout, so I chose one of their many 10 minute workouts.  I love these because they are short and easy to work into a busy day.  The teachers show options for beginners, or ways of making an exercise more advanced.  Many of the workouts require little to no equipment.  If I want more of a workout, I can just combine 2 or three videos.

Here are a few of my favorite 10 minute workouts on YouTube:
Full body workout with Holly Perkins
CrossFit Workout (no equipment needed)
Ab Workout/ Strength Training
Arm Workout with Andrea Orbeck
Booty Shaking Waist Workout - actually a Tiffany Rothe workout.  I was so out of shape the first time I did it, and even though I was able to complete the workout, I was SO sore the rest of the week!

When I was a teen, I didn't understand fitness at all.  I thought 'working out' meant that I grab my mom's 5 lb. dumbbells and do a ton of reps (with no form, I might add) as fast as I could until I was totally worn out.  These videos have taught me how to lift, bend and stretch to avoid injury.  I have learned that doing a little workout every day or two is healthier than doing one really crazy one every month...and then hating it and not exercising for a while.

Today I tried a 40-Minute Full-Body Workout and it totally kicked my butt!

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