Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Try This at Home...Or Do

I've used several marking tools over the years.  My first sewing teachers taught us to use the transfer paper for marking darts.  My mom used a special white pencil for marking.  My teacher in college showed us that we could mark the dots with thread that could be removed later.  This worked especially well if the garment was sheer or if I didn't want the markings to show from the other side.  Six months ago, I tried the Mark-B-Gone pen, but it dried up so quickly, I regret the $4 I spent on it.

Lately, I open up my desk drawer and take out whatever marker strikes my fancy.  Today it was a Sharpie.

My fabric is thick and dark enough that it won't show through.  I don't have to worry about the markings fading or rubbing off (as with chalk).  Most of the sewing gurus would not agree, but this is my easy free solution...and it works!


  1. I use Sharpies sometimes too! Whatever works, right? If you mark inside your seam allowances (or inside your dart intake, etc.) no one will ever know. ;)

  2. Gasp! whatever works! :)

    I have to buy the frixion pel that's been highly recommended to me..

  3. I use my son's crayola colored pencils. That way I have whatever color works. I confiscated the white one but on white, yellow is great.

  4. I think as long as it doesn't show through and it doesn't bother you, do whatever works. My personal favorites are pencils and ball point pens. If it is something I want to disappear I save the ends of my Dove bath soap- you know those paper thin pieces, and I use this as chalk. It steams out easily and if that doesn't work, a little water will.

  5. We don't have Sharpies in France, but I too use washable pens initially meant for kids. I bought a pack of 12 colours, so there's always one that will show on the fabric. Of course I try it everytime on the fabric before using it for real: I scribble something in a corner before putting the fabric in the washing machine

  6. I had a mark-b-gone pen with a large felt side and a pin point tip. The felt side is useless and the ink doesn't come out fast enough. I use fine point sharpies way more often than anything.


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