Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Slim Jeans

I am not a big fan of skinny jeans.  They make me look shorter, and heavier on the bottom, not what my pear-shaped figure needs.  (A good straight-leg is my go-to style.)  However, if I am wearing boots, skinny jeans are just what the doctor ordered.

These jeans were just over $10 at Forever 21.  I don't mind a thinner (cheaper) jean this time, especially since I'll only be wearing these with boots.  Even though they are advertised as 'skinny jeans', they are baggy on the sides.  The alteration I am about to describe would work the same when altering a bootcut or flare jean into a skinny jean.

First, I cut some length off the bottom.  These babies were way to long.  Then I put the jeans on inside out, and placed pins vertically where I wanted to slim the outside of the leg.  I also placed pins on the inside of the calve to slim the jean in that area.

After I slimmed both sides of both jean legs, I zig zagged near the stitching and cut of the excess fabric.

I re-hemmed the jean leg by folding over 1/2", then again by 5/8".  I sewed near the edge.

Here is the finished product without boots:

It is so much easier to zip the skinny jeans into the boots than boot cut jeans.

I also added a couple of quick back waist darts to fix the gapiness at the waist.  Fits like a glove.

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  1. I am also petite and find myself having to get a lot of my clothes altered. I have always been too nervous to do it myself, but your blog gives me hope! Thanks for the post! I have been wanting to slim down a pair of corduroys I have; maybe now I can find the courage to do it :)


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