Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Toms via Pinterest

I made these little baby shoes the other day:

I love little projects that help me use up remnants.  I found this idea via Pinterest here.  The pattern comes from Joanna and can be downloaded here.  The pattern says the shoes will fit babies 0-6 months, but I think they look too big for a newborn.  The top of the shoes ended up being a little bunchy due to the elastic and refuses to stay flat.  I guess it's better than cute little baby shoes falling off and getting lost!  Now someone I know just needs to have a baby boy.  Do you have any patterns you like for baby shoes or clothing or accessories?

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  1. I used the same baby shoe pattern, but only made one shoe because i didn't like how the elastic was making my shoe bunch up. I used a thick fleece. I ended up cutting the elastic because it bunched up the fabric so much, and then i never made a second shoe. Posted about it here:

    Your little red shoes look cute!

    If you look here I posted 2 free patterns for babies that i like:


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