Friday, November 2, 2012

You're Gonna Want to Read This One

If you've never heard of, you are totally missing out.  This online pin board is great for organizing recipe ideas, sewing project ideas, word art, and really any web page that has a picture.  Sometimes I mindlessly pin picture after picture on Pinterest and don't actually make much of anything.  Sometimes I try to duplicate things I find on Pinterest and they totally don't work or turn out drastically different than described.  And then I feel stupid.  But am I really the only one?  For those of you who sometimes feel overwhelmed with the perfectly crafted cookie in the shape of an bowl or beautiful artwork made from crayons, there is Pinstrosity.

I am sharing this with you because last few weeks were horrible.  I was dealing with all sorts of stresses.  I was not eating or sleeping well.  I was worrying about literally everything.  One night I found myself on Facebook and one of my friends had posted a link to Pinstrosity.  I didn't know what that was, so I clicked on it.  Pinstrosity's aim is to test those beautiful projects to see if they, in fact, can be duplicated.

The pin:

Pinned Image

The Pinstrosity:

Pinned Image

They also shared this image below:

Funny Confession Ecard: Someday, we'll all find out Pinterest is a conspiracy created by a group of men who are tricking women everywhere into cooking, cleaning, and working out.

I perused post after post of failed Pinterest attempts on this quirky and humorous blog and got more than a laugh or two.  And I hope you will, too.  Because sometimes, all that we need is a laugh or two. 

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  1. Great post! Similar to Pinterest, I find myself hooked on Stumbleapon and give the thumbs up to loads of sewing and craft projects that I want to try. It all gets a bit overwhelming when you see the talent and creativity of others and can leave you feeling a bit rubbish although inspired too. Thanks for adding the pinch of salt to pinterest! Sharon


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