Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Mantels

I love summer!  I love hot weather, playing in the water, and enjoying all of the wonderful plants that come out to play.  I'm usually very sad to see summer go. The past summer hung around for longer than usual. When it got cooler, I was surprised how easily it was for me to get into the 'autumn' mood.

I'm not one of those people who decorate for Halloween, but I do like to decorate for fall.  Mr. P.S. and I are student newlyweds.  This equals little to no money for decor.  For the most part, I'm not into decor unless it's pictures or real live plants.  I'm just not much for nicknacks.  However, I was getting tired of our current mantel decor so I decided to switch it up for fall.  Pinterest was a great place for inspiration:

I love mantels that are not completely symmetrical, but still balanced, like the one above.  The large mirror provides a focal point.

This person took a wreath and hung it from an open picture frame.  This is another good way to fill the space and create a focal point.

I love how whimsical this arrangement is.  The candlestick and the miniature gourds are a nice touch.

I was not about to go out and buy an entire mantel's worth of decor, so I started with what I had.  (BTW...we don't have an actual mantel.  Mr. P.S. installed this Ikea shelf over the couch for our makeshift mantel.  We left it unfinished.)  I removed a picture from the large picture frame and hung my fall wreath from it with ribbon from my stash.  I used brown and white tree boxes (Hobby Lobby) to fill the space below the frame.  My one big purchase were the two pillar candles (Ikea, $3/ea) and candlesticks (Michael's, $8/ea with coupons).  I will be able to use the candlesticks year round.  I purchased the small candlestick for $2 (on the left) from Goodwill.  I used mini pumpkins, an engagement photo and our name plaque to finish off the look.

I'm sorry, that old heating vent is probably driving you crazy.  I have to live with it, but for you, I will touch it up a bit:

That's a little better.  In a few weeks I'll turn the bigger pumpkin into some pie.  Yum!  By using what I had first, and being economical about the rest, I got a nice look for less.  Do you decorate for fall?  Do you have any creative tips to share?


  1. Nope.....I'm.terrible at decorating :) I love doing crafts and stuff......but I don't decorate is kind of sad... once Imove into a place and put what little stuff I have on the walls, it usually stays that way.

  2. Decorating for the different seasons isn't such a big thing Down Under, we tend to jazz it up for Christmas and that is about it. Love what you did though on a tight budget...

  3. hahaha, I know exactly what you mean about tight budgets! I'm a big fan of make the best of what you have. This year I asked David to cut a small branch down to size for our table, roughly 2ft, and then drill holes wide and deep enough to fit tea lights, because of the wood shop at svu this project cost us 0.88 for the candles and it looks great on our table with scattered chestnuts and gourds and pumpkins, as for Mantels, we have a fake one too in our dinning room above the table- I have year round a huge frame of our family tree, a copy of the Family: A Proclamation to the World, and a family photo- on the 4 hanging shelves a put small candles, a big letter T, 2 4x6 frames that I seasonally change out with subway prints and I have these 3 hurricane vases from my wedding reception that I always change out the filler (you can see I'm a bit of a candle addict) like I had used candy corn for Halloween and now I'm using lentils and pressed leaves tied to the candles (yay pinterest, but my favorite pinterest was a mantel that had a little burlap banner that spelled "give" and little pumpkins lined up that spelled "thanks" I'm probably going to do something like unto it on our piano ... I think what I love most about decorating is that there is no end to fun, affordable arrangements :)


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