Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing Bathtub Cleaner

I found this neat tip for bathtub cleaner on Pinterest.  Jen from Life Crafts & Whatever explains that to bust soap scum add 1 part dish soap and 1 part white vinegar to a spray bottle and spray on your bathtub surface.  (I used Ajax dish soap instead of Dawn.)

                                                                                          Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I've been meaning to clean the tub for weeks but I forget soooo easily.  I shower without contacts which means the tub below me is a fuzzy blur.  The last time I cleaned it with bleach cleanser, the tub didn't look any cleaner and I hate feeling the cleanser residue on the bottom of the shower.

I went wild with the spray bottle and then left the solution on the surface for about an hour.  I made sure to open my bathroom window.  I was surprised how potent the mixture was and had to open the window and head out of dodge.  Looking back, I probably used 2x the amount of solution than I actually needed.

I was pretty skeptical that I'd get the same amazing results.  But, after some scrubbing and rinsing, my tub looks better than ever!  (I thought about taking a 'before' picture but it was just too embarrassing.)  It was so nice to step inside my tub for the first time knowing it was clean AND completely grit free!

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