Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simplicity 3758 and Happy Halloween

Halloween is almost over.  Before I call it a night, I wanted to show you Mr. P.S.'s costume as the Phantom of the Opera:

We look pretty good together, don't you think?  I loved having a couples' costume this year.  I already talked a lot about what went into making my costume.  I started making this the Phantom's tunic back in March but didn't finish it until mid-October.  I realized that I am just not as motivated to make things for other people, especially things that aren't cute.  I mean, Mr. P.S. has been asking me for over a year to take in a couple of shirts and I still haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway, I chose View D with the grommet option.  I found a nice lightweight rayon/cotton at Denver Fabrics for $4/yd.  A lightweight fabric seems to work best for this pattern so it can drape properly.  I made a medium and didn't have to make any adjustments for fit. 

The pattern instructions were very straightforward.  This is a great pattern.  I highly recommend it!

I found the cape at an estate sale in town.  I made the cumberbund after seeing tutorials here and here.

The hubs loved how comfortable the tunic was and that the sleeves made his shoulders seem extra broad.  (I guess it's a man thing.)  I can think of a few other costumes we could use the tunic for.  Score!

'Hope you had a happy and safe Halloween!  My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the storm.

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