Thursday, September 13, 2012

Money Saving Picture Tip

We've been married for over a year and had only printed and framed a wedding picture with my husband's family.  I wanted to display a picture with my family, but since my brother was not able to be at our wedding, I held off until we could have pictures with everyone.  We had the first Clement Family picture in 5 years in June, and then it was up to me to find the perfect frame.  Problem is, #1 - I'm cheap, and #2 - I don't like thrifted frames...I love a good wood frame and they are usually scratched at Goodwill.  I headed to Kohl's in August and found that the frames were 50% off.  Even better, the clearance frames were marked down to 75% off.  Among the cast off Christmas frames I found this Fetco frame marked down from $29.99.

At the register, I used my Kohl's Charge Card to get an additional 20% off, making the frame only $6.36 with tax.  I paid my card off on the spot with some cash and walked to the parking lot with a satisfied look on my face.  

For the pictures, I waited until had their Tuesday 5x7 print sale (57 cents) and uploaded all three pictures.  I picked them up at the store the next day for under $2.

Had I known the whole project would cost under 8 dollars, I would have done it much sooner.


  1. Getting deals makes shopping so much fun. Beautiful frame and the pictures look fabulous too!

  2. Super cute! I love these kinds of frames because it's easy to switch the pictures out, if ever I feel like it.

    I'm totally with you on a solid wood frame. Something you might consider for a cheap alternative, when sales are not avaliable:

    Solid wood Goodwill frames can be beautified by sanding down and repainting/staining. It's also fun to make a wall collage by getting several of these, and painting them to match!


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