Monday, September 3, 2012

How To Divide Serger Spool Thread

I usually stick to black and white when it comes to serger thread, but I had a small project that needed a little pzazz.  The Toldi-Lock thread was half off at Joann's, so I decided to invest in one spool of aqua colored thread.  The problem is, I needed three spools of thread for a rolled hem stitch.  Luckily, I found a sweet tip from Jen at My Measuring Tape who found herself in the same predicament a few years ago.  She suggested using toilet paper rolls as spools and attaching them to hand mixer beaters for a quick spin.  I don't have a hand mixer, so I used a drill instead.

Supplies Needed:


Tape the toilet paper roll to the turny part of the drill.  (Yep, I use pretty technical terms.)  If it's not a perfect fit, just make sure the end of the roll is tight to the drill.

Spin the thread around it a few times with your hands:

Set your serger spool on the ground and hold the drill on a table:

Turn the drill on and help the thread on to the spool with your other hand:

I saved myself six bucks!  Yeah, baby!

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  1. Oh thanks for the info! I love saving money! This is such a smart thing to do!


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