Friday, May 25, 2012

A Plant Post + Awesome Mascara Tip!

I've hardly had time to sew this week.  On the upside, we finally did some planting outside!  We've been up to our eyeballs in plants we started from seed back in April.  Scott and I have been transporting six or more flats full of veggies in 4" pots outside every day so they can get some sun.  That's over 60 plants, and we had more seedlings under the grow light.  Crazy!  

Chinese peppers and basil plants yet to be planted.

On Monday, we decided it was warm enough at night to do some planting.  I planted some of the tomatoes, peppers (three kinds!) and basil in the front bed.  I took our cucumber, yellow squash and zucchini seedlings in biodegradable pots and planted them directly in the ground.  I can't wait to see them grow.  The next day, Scott planted the rest of the tomatoes and some peppers in the garden out back.  

Columbine and Red Bell Peppers
 On Wednesday, we had a torrential rainstorm and the temperature dropped below 45 degrees (oh no!) so I had to cover our 'babies'.  I cut apart milk jugs we've been saving for months and put one over each plant.  If you like the smell of rotten milk, feel free to come by and take over for me next time.  It was not pretty.  I was on my way to the garden out back with the jugs, when I slipped on a wet step and slid down the stairs.  I was pretty psyched that I didn't fall on my knees but I've still got to ice and stay off my feet for a few days. ;>(  Stupid patellar tendonitis always comes back to bite me.  

Our little zucchini squash seedling.  His true leaves have just emerged!
We spent some time with Scott's family at the zoo yesterday and were also able to take the boys up to the creek near our house.  They got a kick out of watching the kayakers go down a steep drop off.  They stayed in the cold water a surprisingly long time.

Hopefully I will get up the courage to work on my swimsuit top this weekend.  I made a hybrid of two patterns, which means I have to figure out the elastic to armhole/ neckline ratio.  Math should only be attempted when one is fully awake and attentive.  I wish there was a sewing fairy to do the hard stuff.

I wanted to share with you a sweet tip I found on Pinterest last night, just after I had bought a new tube of mascara....

Bethany explains why here.  So glad I didn't open my new bottle!

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