Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Simplicity 2609 - Fail??

Hey, everyone!  I'm back to report on my second project for Finish It Week.  I bought Simplicity 2609 last summer and made a purple peasant skirt whew....back when my hair was super long.  

I also started making the same pattern (view B with the 3 gathered tiers) in a floral challis from Denver Fabrics.  I started sewing it and realized that I cut out the wrong pieces for one of the tiers.  A few weeks later I was back at the store again for another half yard of fabric.  Then I left my sewing machine for a month for the wedding in Utah, honeymoon in Alaska and a trip to Minnesota and Virgina.  After that, my shoulder injury was too severe to sew.  To make a long story short, by the time I felt like sewing it again, it was well into fall and I wasn't in the mood to finish a summer skirt. 

I dug the project out of my fabric bin yesterday and cut out the fabric for the bottom tier, but something wasn't sitting right.  When I sewed the bottom tier to the middle tier, there wasn't enough width for it to be gathered.  I have no idea what went wrong, but taking it apart would be fruitless since I don't have any more fabric to add to the bottom tier.  ***Sigh***

Here it is...what do you think?

I mean, I don't know if you can really tell that the bottom tier isn't gathered because of the print.  Should I finish it?  Should I scrap it?  If I was a mini-skirt wearing girl I'd just cut off the bottom tier and no one would be the wiser.

I can just hear my high school sewing teacher in my head saying, "Measure twice, cut once."


  1. I love it! I think it looks fine the way it is.

  2. To be honest does not look bad at all! Maybe because of the busy print you cannot exactly tell there is something wrong with it.

  3. Concerning the skirts with three or more tiers-as a petite how would you proportion the tiers so that you end up with the skirt at the right length?

  4. It's definitely wearable. The patterns I buy sometimes have the pattern piece for each couple of sizes, maybe you grabbed the 3rd tier pattern piece for a smaller size? It's really confusing when they do that - especially since I like to sew late at night! Best wishes!

  5. I am currently working on a skirt with this pattern. I'm a beginner at sewing and ran into an issue when it instructs you to sew the skirt to the yoke. It has you stitch up both sides of the skirt, as well as stitching up both sides of the yoke. Then it tells you to stitch the skirt to the yoke. What I don't understand is how you could do that since the sides are already stitched up. It seems like to do this you would have to sew the skirt closed. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Okay, so even though your skirt has both sides stitched up, the top is unstitched. This is the part that looks like a donut hole. Stitch the inside of the donut hole to the the bottom of the yoke. If this doesn't make sense I recommend showing this to a sewing friend who could explain it to you. Good luck!


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