Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easy Peasy Burp Cloths Tutorial

 The ladies at my church are doing a service project for Mary's Choice, an organization that provides pregnant young women an alternative to abortion.  Mary's Choice is a home for these young women and also provides counseling, birth and parenting classes.  They need baby items like blankets, hats and burp cloths.  I received some fabric this week to make some burp cloths and got right to work.

This tutorial requires a serger.  If you don't have a serger, you can still use my pattern but you will need to use this tutorial instead. 

Get your pattern ready:

Cut two burp cloth pieces in flannel. 

Put your pieces WRONG sides together and pin.

Okay, now you will need to put your serger/ overlock machine on the rolled hem setting.  Use your instruction manual to see if your machine will do a rolled hem.  It should have a diagram showing you which nobs to change to get the right look.

The settings I put my serger on are as follows:
(This setting requires 3 cones of thread, not 4)

Stitch Length: R
Differential Feed Ratio: 1.0
Needle Thread Tension L: none = no thread through this needle
Needle Thread Tension R: 4
Upper looper thread tension: 3.5
Lower looper thread tension: 4

It may be different for your machine, so again, check your instruction manual and follow it.

Start feeding the burp cloth through the serger, allowing the knife to cut off about 1/4" on the edge. 

 If you decide to use pins remove them BEFORE they go past the presser foot.

When you're done it should look like this:

 The serger quickly and professionally finishes the edges, no ironing and no turning out required. Ta-da!


  1. These are super cute!! And easy :) I would LOVE to have u
    You share these at my link party and if you like what you see become my newest follower :) following you via GFC.

  2. Cute -- I am going to make a couple with matching bibs! Thanks for sharing.


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