Monday, February 27, 2012

Adding Coverage to a Boat Neck Top

I got this top on clearance for $5 at a Banana Republic Outlet store last October.

I like the color and style, but when I wore it without an undershirt, I found myself pulling at the neckline and stuffing my bra straps back where they belong.   It was super, duper annoying!  I was entertaining a group of people and my neckline was never far from my mind the entire night.

I don't want to wear an extra layer of clothing just to cover an inch or two of the boat neck on each side, especially come summer, so I added some coverage to the sides using fabric from an old top.  It's about the same color as my BR top.

I cut patches from the sleeves.

I pinned them to the boat neck and sewed on top of the existing topstitching.  

I trimmed the excess fabric on the wrong side of the shirt.

And, voilĂ !  I will be wearing this top more often, guaranteed!


  1. Great shopping.
    Thanks for sewing trick- I'll will be doing that one!

  2. Yeah, boat-neck tops bug me too. Nice fix! Cute sleeves!

  3. That is brilliant! I hate the boatneck-brastrap dilemna and this is the perfect solution :)

  4. I bought the exact same top in several colors. This was actually an easy fix because it is a knit. I ended up removing the stitching from the top half of each sleeve. I re-sewed the shoulder seam taking it up about 1/2" ( so a total of 1" [ 1/2" front + 1/2" back]) then I sewed another tiny tuck in each sleeve since they were ruched anyway. Then I resewed the sleeves back in, stretching the knit a bit if it wasn't quite big enough to re-insert the sleeve. I have to do this a lot to fix gaposis of necklines. Sometimes I have to take the whole sleeve out and lower the armhole a bit to get it back in , but it fixes a too large neckline on RTW. If only I could figure out how to do this with a flat pattern! Can anybody explain? I'm a so so sewer from scratch obviously.

  5. I had the same shirt. I took out the top of each sleeve, re-sewed the shoulder seam 1" total, took another small tuck in the sleeves since they were ruched anyway, sewed the sleeve back in and re-serged. If only I could figure out how to do this on a pattern! I can do RTW but stare at a pattern and don't know how to petite-I-fy it. Any suggestions?


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