Thursday, January 5, 2012

Variations in Black

December was full of craft and sewing projects, but it's been a long time since I posted about clothing and anything petite-related.  So today, I'm going to show you some black....actually, a lot of it.  I love wearing black.  People say it's slimming, but I would wear it even if it wasn't.  

What I want to get across today is that you can use necklines to create an illusion of height or emphasis on the upper body.  Since I'm smaller on top than on bottom, emphasizing the top half of me is a must.

This is a jewel neckline with ruching on the side.  In general, jewel necklines tend to make short people look shorter.  I wear this blouse when I don't care if I look taller.
This undershirt from DownEast has a scoop neckline.  The scoop elongates my figure.  I usually layer this with shirts that have lower necklines or don't cover my shoulders well enough.

Here is the same undershirt pared with a V-neck flounce top from Express.  I bought it last spring for engagement pictures because it is totally figure flattering.  I love this blouse!!  It brings attention to my tiny bust and draws attention to my face.  The v-neck also elongates my figure.
I can also add a long necklace to the mix to elongate my figure a bit more.  Women with smaller frames look better with delicate necklaces.  They look much more proportional than big chunky necklaces.  Chunky necklaces are really in style, so you might have to look a bit harder for a petite one, but it is WORTH IT.  I found this last week at Kohl's.  You wouldn't believe how many necklaces I had to comb through to find one I liked.
Another great option for a petite frame is the elongating V-neck.  I can't actually think of a figure type that doesn't look great with this neckline.  I have a friend with a size GG cups and she says the V-neck makes her girls look smaller, so she wears shirts with this neckline on a regular basis.  I added a turquoise undershirt for a pop of color near my face. 
The addition of a long necklace adds even more of an illusion of height.
Scarves are a great accessories because they draw attention to the face...and keep you warm if your V-neck is leaving your neck bare in the winter.

Now, the V-Neck and the jewel neckline side-by-side for comparison.  Can you see the difference?  The outfit on the left is much more fun, elongates my figure and brings attention to my upper half and face.

I hope this has helped.  Let me know if you have any petite-related questions by commenting below.  I love answering your questions and am always looking for ideas for blog posts.

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