Thursday, October 6, 2011


Several of my friends are currently expecting, which has led me to think about shower gifts for the little people growing inside their bellies. I settled on making softies and burp cloths and found this fun owl softie tutorial here. Most everyone I know is expecting a boy, so I decided on a fall-inspired color scheme for this little hootie. I traced the pattern from my computer screen to tissue paper instead of downloading it. I cut out the pattern pieces, as seen below:
Using the instructions, I pieced the owl together and filled it using Silky Soft filling.
Warning: this stuff clings sticks to everything! I had to use a lint roller to get it off the outside of the owl. The package wasn't kidding about their child warning when it says 'the thin film may cling to nose and mouth'. You will notice the switch from the long gangly legs to nubby feet in the next photo. I re-purposed brown jeans for the legs and after I sewed them together I realized there was no way I could turn them right side out with only 1/2" wide legs to go through. Fail. However, I like the nubby feet. I think they better suit an infant.
Isn't he cute? Now I just need to get some felt for some eyes and a beak and he will be all set.


  1. I've never heard of a "softie" is it essentially a stuffed animal or does it do something more? Looks cute!

  2. Rachel - a softie is a more general term because it could be any sort of creature: man, animal, make believe. I like the word because it's easy for little kids to say.


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