Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A pen exploded in the dryer!

Yesterday morning, I opened up the dryer door and began unloading the clothing inside. Suddenly, I grasped a pen. An EXPLODED pen....and we all know what that means. Well, that's those of us who have on occasion forgotten to check EVERY pants pocket before throwing in the wash. I frantically began checking every article of clothing. I was grateful a lot of it was black because pen marks don't show on black. The pen spared my new challis blouse and some of Scott's jeans but had leaked on one of his nicer shirts.

This is my second pen explosion experience. I thought we'd be lucky just to get the pen marks from off the inside of the dryer. I googled 'pen explosion' and found that nail polish remover will remove pen stains from the dryer. Scott got to work with a cloth and some elbow grease and the dryer was clean in a few minutes!

Pen stains are usually easy to get out with hairspray but after they've been 'set' in a hot dryer, they're harder to get off. This is the bottom of an Old Navy cotton shirt I love and bought Scott for his birthday. So, sad. I thought it was doomed.

Scott got to work with nail polish remover (ours has acetone) and rubbing alcohol. He found that it works best to get the article of clothing wet first and then pour the rubbing alcohol on the stain, rub it together, and rinse with water.

He used the nail polish remover with similar results.

I was shocked. The stains are completely gone and the chemicals didn't damage or discolor the shirt.

The wet spots aren't stains. I took this picture before the shirt dried.

CAUTION: ALWAYS test an inconspicuous area of clothing with chemicals before using on a stain. Certain fabrics like silk can be seriously damaged by nail polish remover. The clothing we treated was 100% cotton.

The pen stains also came out of a pair of jeans, but I'm still working on some knit shorts. They were splattered all over with ink.

It'll take some more time to work out the stains.

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