Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Fall Outfit with Petite Style Tips

I had a small breakdown recently when I realized that none of my bottoms fit ~ unless you count sweatpants...but if you do, you're delusional.

I injured my arms/shoulders/hands in May and my knees in July so I was pretty much out of commission and unable to exercise for the better part of four months. I only gained a few pounds from inactivity but it was enough to go shopping. See, that's the upside about when you're clothes don't can justify shopping for new ones! Yay!! Shopping hasn't always been a happy experience for me. I can still shop in the little girls' section...but what 25 year old wants to wear butterflies, hearts and sequins all the time?! I like more sophisticated clothing but for a good deal and a good fit. Luckily there are a few stores I love that carry small petite sizes.

Headband: Kohl's
Ruched Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet
Shoes: Dillard's

The ruched blouse is perfect for someone with my figure type which some people call 'pear-shaped'. I am not what you'd call a 'curvy woman' but I am smaller on top than on bottom. In pattern sizes, I am actually 3 sizes smaller on top in my shoulders compared to my waist.

To even out this difference, pear-shaped women can wear blouses that draw attention to their face. Both the v-neck and the ruching in this blouse accomplish this nicely. Another trick is that the blouse is brighter or lighter in color than the skirt. Bottoms should stay neutral in order to balance out the top. I love black pencil skirts and this one has a silver thread woven in through out.

Petite women generally look best in knee length skirts because showing part of the legs lengthens their figure. Unfortunately, this skirt did not come in petite, so it goes over my knees. It would look better a couple of inches shorter. But, it is already hemmed. We'll see how ambitious I get.

For more about figure types of petite women, click here.

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