Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I found a cool product online the other day called ‘Make-A-Zipper’ at amazon.com.

This 5.5 yard roll of zipper with 12 zipper pulls allows you to cut zippers to size. This is especially helpful if you are working on a project that requires a really long zipper that you can't find in a standard size at the store. Use it for your kid's tipi opening, a duvet cover or a sleeping bag.

All you have to do is measure how long you want your zipper to be, make sure ONE zipper pull is included in that section of zipper, and cut where desired. You will need to reinforce the cut ends so the zipper pulls don't fall off. The instructions on the roll explain how to do this easily.

I don’t recommend inserting the zipper horizontally and zig-zagging across the cut end (as illustrated on the roll). Your needle could insert itself into the zipper, pulling it apart. Instead, follow Ashley’s instructions reinforcing the end of the zipper. Adjust your zig zag position to be as wide as possible and your stitch length to be near zero.

This way, your needle goes across each side of the zipper and not through it and ensures your zipper pull ain’t goin’ nowhere!

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