Monday, September 26, 2011

Sliced Nine-Patch Quilt

I enjoy quilting. However, I must confess, I am a very simple quilter. I don't enjoy elaborate designs that required overtime just to cut out especially when I can find something simpler that is pleasing to look at. Such is the case with the quilt I made for our wedding. It was my mom's idea, really. She told me to pick a design. She'd provide the fabric, I'd piece it together, and she'd have it professionally quilted. And so my journey began. Luckily, I had about 5 months before the wedding to put it all together. I was inspired by a sliced nine-patch quilt on my friend, Jenny's bed. She then told me how ridiculously easy this design is and I knew I had to have it. This design meshes the best if you choose a monochromatic color scheme, say green, and choose nine fabrics in the same color family. Here are some examples from other blogs I found:
Above is a Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt. All of the blocks are butted up against each other with a border around the edges. Notice how everything is monochromatic except for the bright, tiny red squares. It really makes the design pop. This link shows what it looks like when you don't keep to a monochromatic scheme. However, notice how the smallest squares are all made out of the same yellow fabric. You might choose to go a little crazy with your fabric colors if you had a bunch of remnants to get rid of.
Above is my version. I decided not to torture my husband with a pink or purple color scheme. But it's just as well because I sure do love earthy colors. This design mainly sticks with green fabrics, but you will also notice a lot of brown, and a hint of blue. You start out with nine squares, I did each with a different fabric. Valentine Quiltworker shows how to go from nine separate blocks to a sliced nine-patch block. Notice how she put the boldest block in the center. For example, I put my darkest block (dark brown) in the center so it could be sliced into four small blocks and be distributed all over the quilt, as seen below.
I chose to put white borders around my blocks. I like how giving the blocks white space gives the quilt some breathing room, and some order.
You can see, above, that we chose to go with a vines quilted design. We backed the quilt with a simple, green cotton. This was much cheaper than a print and just as good. Think you'd like to try your hand at this sliced nine-patch quilt? Here is a PDF with step-by-step instructions. Good luck! ...And let me know how it turns out :)

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colours you chose. I'm working on a nine patch quilt now but I think my next one will be the sliced version.


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