Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Welcome to my sewing blog! I am Stephanie. I am petite, 5'2", a more conservative dresser and I love good deals. When it comes to clothing, these three things are extremely hard to find. That is why, most times, if I really want something to fit ME, I have to make it myself. I am very fortunate to have grown up with the sewing machine. I love Elias Howe for making such a fantastic invention, and for making it left-handed! He knew what he was doing, for sure. I started sewing when I was ten. My first project was a gathered sunflower skirt and I have not stopped since then. This is thanks to my mom, who first taught me to sew and her mom who taught her how to sew...and on and on, I'm sure. Before my time it was significantly cheaper to do it yourself, and in a family full of mouths to feed sewing was a no-brainer. Times have changed but I still find myself addicted to the art. I took virtually every sewing class available to me in junior high, high school and then college. I enjoy a good challenge, and I love persevering until the project is finished and ready to wear. My family has seen me stay up 'til all hours of the night just to get the satisfaction of clipping off the stray thread of that last row of stitches of my latest garment.
Some of my favorite projects include a long, wool coat, my wedding quilt, my endless summer skirts, halloween costumes, and dresses. I alter a lot of the clothes I buy in the store ~ either taking off length, altering low necklines or sewing up the sides of t-shirts to fit my shape better. I will highlight some of these projects, too. I also plan to highlight petite clothing I LOVE...specifically Ann Taylor, The Loft and Banana Republic. If it weren't for these peeps I would loathe shopping and only come out when my clothes turned to rags. ----The picture to the left is of me and my brother, probably age 3 & 4. Costumes were made by my mom and grandma (dad's mom).

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