Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabric Stash

Below is my fabric stash for the month. Starting on the left is a pretty pink floral cotton, which I plan on making a skirt out of. Originally, I bought 4 yards thinking I'd make a dress but now I don't think I could handle wearing ALL pink. It makes me think of Grandma Grow and her obsession with pink and pink lipstick and pink bathroom and kitchen walls. If she were here, I'd make HER a dress out of pink.
I chose a brown pinstripe suiting fabric for a fall/winter dress. It's really lightweight. It was only $4 a yard in the wool section of Denver Fabrics. I love their clearance section. It is HUGE and fabrics are organized by color. Somehow, it makes it much easier for me to make up my mind that way. Anyway, I had my doubts about this fabric being wool so I set a little piece of it on fire and smelled the charred remains. An organic fiber from an animal like wool or silk will smell like burning human hair. This fabric, burned, melted like plastic so I suspect that it has a lot of polyester in it. I'm thinking it's a poly/wool blend. It's usually not a good idea to put wool in the wash and a big no-no to dry it in the dryer. I took my chances (suspecting that polyester is a main component in the blend) and put the fabric in the wash to preshrink it...and voila! It came out looking just fine. Few! The last addition to my stash is another Denver Fabrics find. I think I paid $3 a yard for this paisley/floral print. Since it was a remnant, the fabric content isn't listed but I think it's a rayon challis. I really like it but my husband, Scott, thinks it looks like drape fabric. What do you think: should I take a chance and make a flowy blouse out of it? Or is it only worthy to become a summer skirt?

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  1. Steph! You are too cute. I love your blog. You SHOULD have a sewing blog. This is perfect for you. I am working on creating one with my uncle, too. A cooking/health blog It is You'll have to check it out sometime :)


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